Heavy Metal #271 CoverHeavy Metal and Asylum Press have joined forces to bring you Heavy Metal #271 - The Asylum Press Special Edition. Frank Forte, Publisher at Asylum, was named guest editor for this Halloween horror/sci-fi extravaganza and he has gathered together a horde of talented creators sure to please avid Heavy Metal readers.

Steve Mannion (Fearless Dawn) delivers a nod to Moebius in Prayer… featuring the quirky, sexy bombshell Fearless Dawn. William Broad gives us Priests of the Black Death where an order of the Templars has become corrupt and power hungry for satanism and witchcraft! Dwayne Harris, who recently optioned his graphic novel Amnesia to Sony, provides Dangerous Curves, a post-apocalyptic Mad Max flavored short story.

David Hartman took a break from directing the movie Phantasm V: Ravager to complete an all-new 4-page horror story entitled Pond Scum for this issue. Tim Vigil (Faust, Gothic Knights) and Frank Forte drops a sick and twisted yarn entitled Allison. Forte also hooks up with Robert S. Rhine from Girls and Corpses magazine to pen a tale of crazed sideshow freaks called Separation Anxiety. Hilary Barta churns out an EC-styled sci-fi/horror piece called Evaluation. Elizabeth J. Musgrave (Farmhouse) crafts the erotic robotic thriller Lust, Lingerie and Diodes. J.C. Wong delivers some spectacular art for Mutation, a chronicle of demented sex in a post-nuke world.

Other comic book stories in this racy issue include Feast, The Green Fairy, Swamp Girl, Warlash, Sacro Profano, and Mother. Special gallery sections include pieces from concept artist Ben Olson (The Suffering, Area 51: Blacksite) and fine artist Dave Lebow (Dexter TV series).

Diamond Comics Previews gave Heavy Metal #271 a “Staff Pick”.